Capital Dao


2021 Q3

- Seed Sale and Private Sale

2021 Q4

- Public Sale/DEX Listing (Uniswap) CDS will be tradable on Uniswap V2.
- Launch of Yield Farming/Staking CDS Single Staking and CDS/ETH LP Staking will be available.

2022 Q4

- Development for the IDO platform, including V2 Staking system and Seed Sale Program
- Voting by Snapshot regarding CPDT IDO
- Development for DAO Worker platform

2023 Q2

- First round of funding with Capital DAO Starter($CPDT) The first IDO will be a sale for $CPDT
- Launch of V3 Yield Farming/Staking Launch pool will be opened. You can receive new IDO Tokens as rewards by Farming/Staking CDS and CDS/ETH

2023 Q3

- Multi-chain support for Capital DAO protocol will be supported by Astar Network

2023 Q4

- Launch of the full functional DAO
- Launch of V4 Yield Farming / Staking You can earn $CPDP by Single Staking CPDT and Yield Farming CPDT/ETH
- Multi-chain support for the Capital DAO protocol Will be supported by BNB Chain & SOLANA
- Launch of DAO Worker