DAO Worker

Although the development of these features is complete, our project's focus has shifted to democratizing investment profits. As a result, the release of these features is currently on hold.

Capital DAO is more than just a fundraising Launchpad platform. We provide support starting from the initial phase to ensure the long-term health and development of your project. We create an opportunity for more projects to grow, not just those under incubation led by Capital DAO.

Capital DAO is a community-driven organization that encompasses a large number of KOLs (influencers, engineers, business developers, designers, marketers, etc.). We help you succeed by connecting your project to KOLs and by facilitating development and marketing.

KOLs will receive the reward for their contributions to the project, as well as SEEDs for token allocation through an IDO. These incentives amplify the motivation for KOLs to contribute.


  • Register your profile (KYC & screening will be conducted)

  • Manage your registration information

  • Stake pCDS (intrinsic pool, see below for details)

  • Receive and complete Jobs


  • Search for KOLs

  • Register your projects (with KYB/KYC & screening will be conducted)

  • Register and manage Jobs

  • Stake pCDS (intrinsic pool, see below for details)

In order to enable P2P communication as much as possible, they will conduct basic communications individually. However, since there is a possibility of non-payment or contract default when it comes to the distribution of the rewards, the DAO Worker platform will utilize an escrow managed by smart contracts to allow for a secure and transparent exchange.

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