Token Sale

Although the development of these features is complete, our project's focus has shifted to democratizing investment profits. As a result, the release of these features is currently on hold.

There are multitude of methods for Capital DAO token sales. By using different formats for different projects, you can have a flexible token sale and distribute tokens according to the project's demands.

The different methods allow users to participate in IDO in ways other than having a platform token. Capital DAO believes that many IDO platforms are problematic because they overly favor whales. Therefore, in this structure, it ensures that the general investors can publicly participate and have fair access to IDO.

1. IDO(Public Sale)

Capital DAO's IDO will be implemented in three parallel methods, with varying percentages of allocations, depending on the project.

(ⅰ)CDS Pool

Allocation distributed according to the staked CDS amount. (FCFS, no lotteries)

(ⅱ)Community Pool

Allocation distributed based on community contributions and Seed grants. (no need to hold any CDS tokens)


Seeds are divided into three types: those earned by contributing to the Capital DAO itself through community activities (C-Seed), those earned through tasks for each project (P-Seed), and those earned by accepting and completing work as a KOL (K-Seed).

・C-Seed: Cumulative Seed, affects all project IDOs.

・P-Seed: Seed that affects the IDO of each specific project and does not affect different projects.

・K-Seed: Similar to C-Seed, this Seed is cumulative and affects all project IDOs.

These three factors affect the allocation with the following formula:


*The formula may change depending on the project.


You can earn tokens for their projects by single staking CDS or staking CDS-ETH LPs through Launchpools. You do not need to buy tokens to mine new tokens. The CDS-ETH LP allows the mining of CDS as well as new tokens.

2. Seed Sale Program(Private or Seed Sale)

(i) Purchase a limited number of 100 Capital DAO-VIP-NFTs for 100% token purchase.

CapitalDAO-VIP-NFT will be available at a later date.

(ii) Purchase through a FCFS basis.

KOLs can earn Referral Rewards by introducing the Seed Sale projects on social media.

3. INO(Initial NFT Offering)

Capital DAO will not only have a fungible token sale but also an NFT sale.

Similar to IDO and Seed Sale Programs, prepare a whitelist allocation according to the following:

  • Staking amount of CDS or CDS/ETH LP

  • Amount of Seeds

  • Holding of Capital DAO-VIP-NFTs

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