Manage Projects

This page is used to manage the information that the Project has registered. If you haven't registered yet, you can do so here first. By registering your project, you will also be able to register a job application.

Registration Procedure

  1. Enter your e-mail address for a simple identity verification.

  2. Open the URL in the email that was sent to you.

  3. Enter the required information.

  4. Perform the KYC/KYB

  5. Log in to set up icons and banners (optional), and set up a Wallet (required).

  6. Once the Capital DAO review has been passed, the registration is completed.

Manage Projects

The management screen allows you to edit the registered information, CPDT staking, and job management.


CPDT Staking

You can stake your CPDT tokens. The number of jobs you can request at the same time depends on the amount of staking you have done. 1 for every 30,000 CPDT staked (tentative), and unlimited job requests for staking 300,000 CPDTs or more (tentative).

During a job request, the number of CPDTs corresponding to the number of requests cannot be unstaked.

*The amount of staking required is currently under review and may be subjected to change.


In the Jobs management screen, you can switch between the following three views:


This view shows assigned jobs in progress.

If the KOL completes the job and the application is submitted, a “Confirm” button will appear and if the project side approves the confirmation, the job will be completed and the KOL will be paid.

If there is a problem with the KOL, the project will send a “Fraud report” to Capital DAO, which will go under review and if the fraud case is verified, the job will be canceled. In this case, if the KOL is staking CPDT tokens, the CPDT tokens will be paid to the project as compensation.


This is where you make the request to hire KOLs for your project.

You can edit and cancel the application before it is submitted.

When you receive an application from a KOL, the information of the KOL applying for the job will appear under the corresponding job. If you would like to offer, click”Approval” button. And if you would like to reject it, click “Reject” button.

Past Jobs

You can check the information of jobs you have requested in the past.


Click the Recruit button to register the job you would like to request.

It is a good idea to provide as much detail as possible in your Job Description to ensure that you are seeking the right people.

“Network" is for selecting the network to which you would like to assign the reward.

If you would like to only request jobs from a specific wallet address holder, check “Private” under the “Recruit Scope” tab and enter the wallet address.

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