Manage KOL

This page is for registered KOLs to manage their information. If you are not already registered, you can register here first. KOLs who register will be able to accept jobs from each project.

Registration Procedure

  1. Enter your e-mail address for a simple identity verification.

  2. Open the URL in the email that was sent to you.

  3. Enter the required information.

  4. Perform the KYC

  5. Log in to set up icons and banners (optional), and set up a Wallet (required).

  6. Once the Capital DAO review has been passed, the registration is completed.

Manage KOL

In the management screen, you can edit the registered information, pCDS staking, and manage the job offers you have received. In addition, you can also register your icon, banner, and wallet address here.


Wallet Address

The reward will be sent to the wallet address that is registered here. Additionally, if the project is set to accept job applications only from a specific wallet address (Private Job), the address registered here will be used as a reference.

pCDS Staking

You can stake your pCDS tokens. This is a different contract from the normal staking and also performs a special function. Obtaining CPDP tokens is no different than usual, but staking here acts as collateral for the job.

The reason why collateral is necessary is that from the Project's perspective, there is a risk that the applicant will accept the job but neglect it or the quality will be extremely low. In such a case, the project will report it to us, and Capital DAO will review it, and if we decide that the user's work is not up to par, we will collect the staking pCDS as a fine and hand it to the project.

In other words, the more staking you do, the more confidence you have in the work that you are providing. This is a very important parameter because the KOL list can be sorted by the amount of pCDS being staked. You can apply for a job without staking any pCDS, but it may be difficult to land a job offer.

Staked pCDSs cannot be withdrawn while the job is in progress, as they will be used as collateral.


In the Jobs management screen, you can switch between the following three views:


This view is for ongoing jobs.When the job is completed, click the "Completion report" button to send a confirmation to the Project side.

If there is a problem on the project side, you can report it to Capital DAO by pressing "Fraud Report". For example, if a job has been completed but the project has lost contact with you, Capital DAO can give the reward deposited to the KOL.

Job application

This view shows the jobs you are applying for.

When there is an approval on the Project side, that job will automatically be moved to the “Ongoing” view. You can cancel your application before it is approved.

Past Jobs

You can check the history of the jobs you have completed in the past.

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