Bridge from ETH to ARB

(Conversion deadline: Dec. 15, 2024)

Chain Migration

Along with the new Tokenomics changes, all contracts will be migrated to Arbitrum. Those holding CDS on Ethereum can use the bridge provided by Capital DAO to receive CDS on Arbitrum.

CPDT→CDS Conversion

In the new Token Model, CPDT will be integrated into CDS. CPDT holders can convert their tokens at a 1:1 ratio via the Web App.

Additionally, contributors who earned CPDT by staking CDS or CDS-ETH LP will receive a bonus on the conversion rate. A snapshot will be taken on June 6, 2024, at 00:00 UTC.

  • CDS Solo-staking: +10% bonus

  • CDS-ETH LP Provider: +40% bonus

*The higher bonus will be applied.

A simple example: Converting 10,000 CPDT

  1. Standard: Receive 10,000 CDS

  2. CDS Solo-staking: Receive 11,000 CDS

  3. CDS-ETH LP Provider: Receive 14,000 CDS

While there’s no immediate rush, please remember to convert your tokens. After six months, any unconverted CDS allocated for conversion will be sent to the Treasury. Additionally, at the time of the snapshot, the liquidity provided by the Fund wallet will be withdrawn and used for a new liquidity pool on Arbitrum.

Old Contract(Ethereum)

  • CDS 0x3c48ca59bf2699e51d4974d4b6d284ae52076e5e

  • CPDT 0xb74c385cbf463aa5ba5686e06fa582852bf1dd32

  • CDS-ETH LP 0x0be902716176d66364f1c2ecf25829a6d95c5bee

Bridge Steps

1. Access bridge page

2. Choose a token to bridge (CDS or CPDT)

3. Enter the amount to be bridged

When converting CPDT to CDS, the bonus amount is displayed in the dotted square if the person is eligible for the bonus.

4. Approval to the smart contract and execution of the bridge transaction

5. Wait for CDS to arrive in Arbitrum chain

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