Capital Dao


Democratizing access to investment in early/seed stage companies/projects

Capital DAO has built its own Launchpad, Capital DAO Starter, which allows anyone with a Capital DAO Starter Token (Ticker : CDS) and access to Capital DAO Starter to access investment opportunities normally reserved for VCs and stakeholders. By holding a Capital DAO Starter Token and accessing the Capital DAO Starter, anyone can access investment opportunities that are normally reserved for VCs and stakeholders. Traditional Launchpad systems, such as FCFS and lottery systems, have not been very fair to token holders. We've created a tiered model based on the number of tokens you have, as well as allocations based on your contribution to the project.

Community-driven protocol

Holders of the Capital DAO Token (Ticker:CPDT) have many opportunities to invest in the project/help the project move forward successfully. At the initial stage, the governance by the community will only make decisions on whether the projects incubated by the Capital DAO Protocol are optimal and really worth investing in.
However, in the future, we as Token issuers will be involved as a participant in the governance, and we will move to a community governance-driven entity. We will have all the governance functions, including setting protocol parameters and other trivial things.

Due diligence reporting / Rating dashboard

By holding a Capital DAO Token, users can read the due diligence report of the project. It also aims to increase the literacy of participants, so they can get out of the mindset that they can just invest in any project that the platform brings to them. Because Venture Capital is community-driven, it is of utmost importance for governance participants to have a minimum level of knowledge.

Investment Proposal

Holders of a certain number of tokens can raise a proposal to the Governance Board and propose an investment approach for projects such as Early/Seed/Series A. Projects that exceed a certain percentage in governance will be approached and
negotiated by the Capital DAO Protocol team. Some of the projects invested in here are also intended to be offered on our Launchpad.

Mutually beneficial partnership between project and community

Projects in the Capital DAO portfolio gain more than money. Projects can gain testers, the people and community necessary for the team to succeed. And investors can enjoy early testing of the product, incentives, etc. for their initial investment.

Triple Token Models

IDO platforms that implement the traditional Launchpad only have the utility of IDO participation in their tokens. Since these have only one type of token, the rate of return for users will be poor as the market turns into a Bear market. Then, the value as Token will also decrease. Also, the moment the IDO boom ends, the price of the token tends to collapse.
We will issue three types of tokens: the Capital DAO Starter Token (Ticker:CDS), the Capital DAO Token (Ticker:CPDT), and the Capital DAO Profit Token (Ticker:CPDP), which will allow users to enjoy the benefits of the project.
The Capital DAO Starter provides not only a simple IDO participation right, but also a mechanism to LaunchPool.
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