Find Influencers

It allows you to search for information on registered Influencers. The following settings can be adjusted:

  • Aggregation period settings

  • Change the sorting method

  • Display the ranking of each social network site.

The left side shows the rankings while the right side shows the details of the selected Influencer.


pCDS Staking rank

KOLs are allowed to stake pCDS as collateral for their work. In the event that a job is accepted but the contract is not completed, the staked pCDSs are confiscated and used to compensate the project side. Staking itself is not necessary, but projects may ask for work based on the amount staked, so in other words “by staking pCDSs = confidence in their work”.

Seed rank

Seed is a unique Capital DAO numerical value that is awarded based on an individual's contributions to the community. It accumulates as you do KOL work, so the higher the number, the more that individual has contributed.

Engagement rank

It tallies how many people are responding to the information that has been sent out by using social networking sites. The higher the number, the more users the influencer has reached.

Followers rank

This is the number of accounts that are followed on social networking sites. The more followers they have, the more influence they may garner.

Post rank

This is the number of posts that the influencer makes on social networking sites and measures how active the individual is. If you would like to hire someone for a specific period of time, you can refer to how active they are.


It tallies how much the content the influencer posts on social networking sites is being evaluated. The higher the number, the more positive impact it has on users.

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